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Sigdel TK, Sarwal MM
Recent advances in biomarker discovery in solid organ transplant by proteomics.
Expert review of proteomics, Dec-2011;8(6):705-15.
Naesens M, Khatri P, Li L, Sigdel TK, Vitalone MJ, Chen R, Butte AJ, Salvatierra O, Sarwal MM
Progressive histological damage in renal allografts is associated with expression of innate and adaptive immunity genes.
Kidney international, Dec-2011;80(12):1364-76.  Epub 2011 Aug 31.
Vitalone MJ, Naesens M, Sigdel T, Li L, Hseih S, Sarwal MM
The dual role of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in chronic allograft injury in pediatric renal transplantation.
Transplantation, Oct-15-2011;92(7):787-95.
Dudley JT, Sirota M, Shenoy M, Pai RK, Roedder S, Chiang AP, Morgan AA, Sarwal MM, Pasricha PJ, Butte AJ
Computational repositioning of the anticonvulsant topiramate for inflammatory bowel disease.
Science translational medicine, Aug-17-2011;3(96):96ra76.
Sarwal MM, Sigdel TK, Salomon DR
Functional proteogenomics--embracing complexity.
Seminars in immunology, Aug-2011;23(4):235-51.  Epub 2011 Sep 9.
Wei C, El Hindi S, Li J, Fornoni A, Goes N, Sageshima J, Maiguel D, Karumanchi SA, Yap HK, Saleem M, Zhang Q, Nikolic B, Chaudhuri A, Daftarian P, Salido E, Torres A, Salifu M, Sarwal MM, Schaefer F, Morath C, Schwenger V, Zeier M, Gupta V, Roth D, Rastaldi MP, Burke G, Ruiz P, Reiser J
Circulating urokinase receptor as a cause of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
Nature medicine, Aug-2011;[epublish]17(8):952-60.
Khatri P, Sarwal MM, Butte AJ
Applications of translational bioinformatics in transplantation.
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, Aug-2011;90(2):323-7.  Epub 2011 Jun 29.
Zarkhin V, Bezchinsky M, Li L, Sarwal MM
Soluble human leukocyte antigen-G in pediatric renal transplantation.
Transplantation, Jul-15-2011;92(1):e1-2.
Sigdel TK, Lee S, Sarwal MM
Profiling the proteome in renal transplantation.
Proteomics. Clinical applications, Jun-2011;5(5-6):269-80.  Epub 2011 Apr 26.
Zarkhin V, Lovelace PA, Li L, Hsieh SC, Sarwal MM
Phenotypic evaluation of B-cell subsets after rituximab for treatment of acute renal allograft rejection in pediatric recipients.
Transplantation, May-15-2011;91(9):1010-8.
Matas AJ, Granger D, Kaufman DB, Sarwal MM, Ferguson RM, Woodle ES, Gill JS
Steroid minimization for sirolimus-treated renal transplant recipients.
Clinical transplantation, 2011 May-Jun;25(3):457-67.  Epub 2010 May 19.
Butte AJ, Sigdel TK, Wadia PP, Miklos DB, Sarwal MM
Protein microarrays discover angiotensinogen and PRKRIP1 as novel targets for autoantibodies in chronic renal disease.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, Mar-2011;10(3):M110.000497.  Epub 2010 Dec 23.
Sarwal MM, Benjamin J, Butte AJ, Davis MM, Wood K, Chapman J
Transplantomics and biomarkers in organ transplantation: a report from the first international conference.
Transplantation, Feb-27-2011;91(4):379-82.
Naesens M, Sarwal MM, Kuypers DR
Organ transplantation after cardiac death.
Lancet, Jan-15-2011;377(9761):203; author reply 204-5.
Roedder S, Vitalone M, Khatri P, Sarwal MM
Biomarkers in solid organ transplantation: establishing personalized transplantation medicine.
Genome medicine, 2011;[epublish]3(6):37.
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