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Sigdel TK, Salomonis N, Nicora CD, Ryu S, He J, Dinh V, Orton DJ, Moore RJ, Hsieh SC, Dai H, Thien-Vu M, Xiao W, Smith RD, Qian WJ, Camp DG, Sarwal MM
The identification of novel potential injury mechanisms and candidate biomarkers in renal allograft rejection by quantitative proteomics.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, Feb-2014;13(2):621-31.  Epub 2013 Dec 12.
Sigdel TK, Nicora CD, Hsieh SC, Dai H, Qian WJ, Camp DG, Sarwal MM
Optimization for peptide sample preparation for urine peptidomics.
Clinical proteomics, 2014;[epublish]11(1):7.
Sigdel TK, Ng YW, Lee S, Nicora CD, Qian WJ, Smith RD, Camp DG, Sarwal MM
Perturbations in the urinary exosome in transplant rejection.
Frontiers in medicine, 2014;[epublish]1:57.
Sigdel TK, Ng YW, Lee S, Nicora CD, Qian WJ, Smith RD, Camp DG, Sarwal MM
Perturbations in the urinary exosome in transplant rejection.
Frontiers in medicine, 2014;[epublish]1:57.
Sigdel TK, Sarwal MM
Moving beyond HLA: a review of nHLA antibodies in organ transplantation.
Human immunology, Nov-2013;74(11):1486-90.  Epub 2013 Jul 19.
Khatri P, Roedder S, Kimura N, De Vusser K, Morgan AA, Gong Y, Fischbein MP, Robbins RC, Naesens M, Butte AJ, Sarwal MM
A common rejection module (CRM) for acute rejection across multiple organs identifies novel therapeutics for organ transplantation.
The Journal of experimental medicine, Oct-21-2013;210(11):2205-21.  Epub 2013 Oct 14.
Sarwal MM, Bagga A
Quality of life after organ transplantation in children.
Current opinion in organ transplantation, Aug-29-2013;[Epub ahead of print].
Sigdel TK, Vitalone MJ, Tran TQ, Dai H, Hsieh SC, Salvatierra O, Sarwal MM
A rapid noninvasive assay for the detection of renal transplant injury.
Transplantation, Jul-15-2013;96(1):97-101.
Keslar KS, Lin M, Zmijewska AA, Sigdel TK, Tran TQ, Ma L, Bhasin M, Rao P, Ding R, Iklé DN, Mannon RB, Sarwal MM, Strom TB, Reed EF, Heeger PS, Suthanthiran M, Fairchild RL
Multicenter evaluation of a standardized protocol for noninvasive gene expression profiling.
American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Jul-2013;13(7):1891-7.
Kohrt HE, Tian L, Li L, Alizadeh AA, Hsieh S, Tibshirani RJ, Strober S, Sarwal M, Lowsky R
Identification of gene microarray expression profiles in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease following allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.), Jul-2013;148(1):124-35.  Epub 2013 May 1.
Chaudhuri A, Ozawa M, Everly MJ, Ettenger R, Dharnidharka V, Benfield M, Mathias R, Portale A, McDonald R, Harmon W, Kershaw D, Vehaskari VM, Kamil E, Baluarte HJ, Warady B, Li L, Sigdel TK, Hsieh SC, Dai H, Naesens M, Waskerwitz J, Salvatierra O, Terasaki PI, Sarwal MM
The clinical impact of humoral immunity in pediatric renal transplantation.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, Mar-2013;24(4):655-64.  Epub 2013 Feb 28.
Li L, Khush K, Hsieh SC, Ying L, Luikart H, Sigdel T, Roedder S, Yang A, Valantine H, Sarwal MM
Identification of common blood gene signatures for the diagnosis of renal and cardiac acute allograft rejection.
PloS one, 2013;[epublish]8(12):e82153.
Sigdel TK, Sarwal MM
Discovery and customized validation of antibody targets by protein arrays and indirect ELISA.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2013;1034:373-84.
Sigdel TK, Shoemaker LD, Chen R, Li L, Butte AJ, Sarwal MM, Steinberg GK
Immune response profiling identifies autoantibodies specific to Moyamoya patients.
Orphanet journal of rare diseases, 2013;[epublish]8:45.
Roedder S, Kimura N, Okamura H, Hsieh SC, Gong Y, Sarwal MM
Significance and suppression of redundant IL17 responses in acute allograft rejection by bioinformatics based drug repositioning of fenofibrate.
PloS one, 2013;8(2):e56657.
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