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Vitalone MJ, Sigdel TK, Salomonis N, Sarwal RD, Hsieh SC, Sarwal MM
Transcriptional Perturbations in Graft Rejection.
Transplantation, Jul-3-2015;[Epub ahead of print].
Martin DE, Nakagawa TA, Siebelink MJ, Bramstedt KA, Brierley J, Dobbels F, Rodrigue JR, Sarwal M, Shapiro R, Dominguez-Gil B, Danovitch G, Sweet SC, Trompeter RS, Moazam F, Bos MA, Delmonico FL
Pediatric Deceased Donation-A Report of the Transplantation Society Meeting in Geneva.
Transplantation, Jul-2015;99(7):1403-9.
Ng YW, Singh M, Sarwal MM
Antibody-mediated rejection in pediatric kidney transplantation: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management.
Drugs, Apr-2015;75(5):455-72.
Bestard O, Sarwal MM
Antibody-mediated rejection in young kidney transplant recipients: the dilemma of noncompliance and insufficient immunosuppression.
Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany), Mar-2015;30(3):397-403.  Epub 2014 Dec 11.
Sarwal A, Cartwright MS, Mitchell E, Williams K, Walker FO, Childers MK
Guiding intramuscular diaphragm injections using real-time ultrasound and electromyography.
Muscle & nerve, Feb-2015;51(2):287-9.
Pidala J, Bloom GC, Eschrich S, Sarwal M, Enkemann S, Betts BC, Beato F, Yoder S, Anasetti C
Tolerance Associated Gene Expression following Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.
PloS one, 2015;[epublish]10(3):e0117001.
Sigdel TK, Bestard O, Tran TQ, Hsieh SC, Roedder S, Damm I, Vincenti F, Sarwal MM
A Computational Gene Expression Score for Predicting Immune Injury in Renal Allografts.
PloS one, 2015;[epublish]10(9):e0138133.
Woo SH, Sigdel TK, Dinh VT, Vu MT, Sarwal MM, Lafayette RA
Mapping Novel Immunogenic Epitopes in IgA Nephropathy.
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN, Dec-26-2014;[Epub ahead of print].
Roedder S, Li L, Alonso MN, Hsieh SC, Vu MT, Dai H, Sigdel TK, Bostock I, Macedo C, Metes D, Zeevi A, Shapiro R, Salvatierra O, Scandling J, Alberu J, Engleman E, Sarwal MM
A Three-Gene Assay for Monitoring Immune Quiescence in Kidney Transplantation.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, Nov-26-2014;[Epub ahead of print].
Jackson AM, Sigdel TK, Delville M, Hsieh SC, Dai H, Bagnasco S, Montgomery RA, Sarwal MM
Endothelial Cell Antibodies Associated with Novel Targets and Increased Rejection.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, Nov-7-2014;[Epub ahead of print].
Roedder S, Sigdel T, Salomonis N, Hsieh S, Dai H, Bestard O, Metes D, Zeevi A, Gritsch A, Cheeseman J, Macedo C, Peddy R, Medeiros M, Vincenti F, Asher N, Salvatierra O, Shapiro R, Kirk A, Reed E, Sarwal MM
The kSORT assay to detect renal transplant patients at high risk for acute rejection: results of the multicenter AART study.
PLoS medicine, Nov-2014;[epublish]11(11):e1001759.
Delville M, Sigdel TK, Wei C, Li J, Hsieh SC, Fornoni A, Burke GW, Bruneval P, Naesens M, Jackson A, Alachkar N, Canaud G, Legendre C, Anglicheau D, Reiser J, Sarwal MM
A circulating antibody panel for pretransplant prediction of FSGS recurrence after kidney transplantation.
Science translational medicine, Oct-1-2014;6(256):256ra136.
Pidala J, Sarwal M, Roedder S, Lee SJ
Biologic markers of chronic GVHD.
Bone marrow transplantation, Mar-2014;49(3):324-31.  Epub 2013 Jul 22.
Haas M, Sis B, Racusen LC, Solez K, Glotz D, Colvin RB, Castro MC, David DS, David-Neto E, Bagnasco SM, Cendales LC, Cornell LD, Demetris AJ, Drachenberg CB, Farver CF, Farris AB, Gibson IW, Kraus E, Liapis H, Loupy A, Nickeleit V, Randhawa P, Rodriguez ER, Rush D, Smith RN, Tan CD, Wallace WD, Mengel M, Mengel M
Banff 2013 meeting report: inclusion of c4d-negative antibody-mediated rejection and antibody-associated arterial lesions.
American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Feb-2014;14(2):272-83.
Sigdel TK, Salomonis N, Nicora CD, Ryu S, He J, Dinh V, Orton DJ, Moore RJ, Hsieh SC, Dai H, Thien-Vu M, Xiao W, Smith RD, Qian WJ, Camp DG, Sarwal MM
The identification of novel potential injury mechanisms and candidate biomarkers in renal allograft rejection by quantitative proteomics.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, Feb-2014;13(2):621-31.  Epub 2013 Dec 12.
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