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Satterwhite T, Chua MS, Hsieh SC, Chang S, Scandling J, Salvatierra O, Sarwal MM
Increased expression of cytotoxic effector molecules: different interpretations for steroid-based and steroid-free immunosuppression.
Pediatric transplantation, Feb-2003;7(1):53-8.
Chua MS, Barry C, Chen X, Salvatierra O, Sarwal MM
Molecular profiling of anemia in acute renal allograft rejection using DNA microarrays.
American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Jan-2003;3(1):17-22.
Yorgin PD, Belson A, Sanchez J, Al Uzri AY, Sarwal M, Bloch DA, Oehlert J, Salvatierra O, Alexander SR
Unexpectedly high prevalence of posttransplant anemia in pediatric and young adult renal transplant recipients.
American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation, Dec-2002;40(6):1306-18.
Bartsch L, Sarwal M, Orlandi P, Yorgin PD, Salvatierra O
Limited surgical interventions in children with posterior urethral valves can lead to better outcomes following renal transplantation.
Pediatric transplantation, Oct-2002;6(5):400-5.
Häyry P, du Toit D, Sarwal M, Aavik E, Hoffrén A, Vamvakopoulos J
Rational drug design: making drugs that make a difference.
Transplantation proceedings, Sep-2002;34(6):2000-2.
Sarwal MM, Yorgin PD, Alexander S, Millan MT, Belson A, Belanger N, Granucci L, Major C, Costaglio C, Sanchez J, Orlandi P, Salvatierra O
Promising early outcomes with a novel, complete steroid avoidance immunosuppression protocol in pediatric renal transplantation.
Transplantation, Jul-15-2001;72(1):13-21.
Belson A, Alcorn DM, Yorgin PD, Fisher PG, Sarwal M
Visual loss caused by pseudotumor cerebri in an infant on peritoneal dialysis.
Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany), Mar-2001;16(3):216-8.
Sarwal M, Chang S, Barry C, Chen X, Alizadeh A, Salvatierra O, Brown P
Genomic analysis of renal allograft dysfunction using cDNA microarrays.
Transplantation proceedings, 2001 Feb-Mar;33(1-2):297-8.
Sarwal MM, Jani A, Chang S, Huie P, Wang Z, Salvatierra O, Clayberger C, Sibley R, Krensky AM, Pavlakis M
Granulysin expression is a marker for acute rejection and steroid resistance in human renal transplantation.
Human immunology, Jan-2001;62(1):21-31.
Sarwal MM, Cecka JM, Millan MT, Salvatierra O
Adult-size kidneys without acute tubular necrosis provide exceedingly superior long-term graft outcomes for infants and small children: a single center and UNOS analysis. United Network for Organ Sharing.
Transplantation, Dec-27-2000;70(12):1728-36.
Yorgin PD, Belson A, Sarwal M, Alexander SR
Sodium ferric gluconate therapy in renal transplant and renal failure patients.
Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany), Dec-2000;15(3-4):171-5.
Millan MT, Sarwal MM, Lemley KV, Yorgin P, Orlandi P, So S, Alexander S, Salvatierra O
A 100% 2-year graft survival can be attained in high-risk 15-kg or smaller infant recipients of kidney allografts.
Archives of surgery (Chicago, Ill. : 1960), Sep-2000;135(9):1063-8; discussion 1068-9.
Salvatierra O, Sarwal M
Renal perfusion in infant recipients of adult-sized kidneys is a critical risk factor.
Transplantation, Aug-15-2000;70(3):412-3.
Mackie FE, Umetsu D, Salvatierra O, Sarwal MM
Pulmonary capillary leak syndrome with intravenous cyclosporin A in pediatric renal transplantation.
Pediatric transplantation, Feb-2000;4(1):35-8.
Salvatierra O, Sarwal M, Alexander S, Lemley KV, Yorgin P, Al-Uzri A, Lu A, Millan M, Alfrey E
A new, unique and simple method for ureteral implantation in kidney recipients with small, defunctionalized bladders.
Transplantation, Sep-27-1999;68(6):731-8.
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